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The history of Davidts leather goods merges with that of the Davidts family, in which 6 generations of craftsmen have succeeded each other since the end of the 17th century.

Jean Davidts, the founder, opened in 1949, alongside his activity as a craftsman, a retail store in which he sold his production. This store was located in Lanaken 5 km from Maastricht.

In 1955, Jean Davidts transferred his activities to Liège where the family had now settled. She held up to 5 retail stores there.

Around the beginning of the 1970s, Davidts products began to be distributed throughout Belgium via specialized leather goods stores.

It was at this time that Henri, then Jean-Marie, the sons of Jean Davidts, joined him and developed the business internationally.

Today, the company is made up of around ten people at the Flémalle site near Liège, where the main activity is to create collections of business bags, travel bags and boxes.

The artisanal tradition of the family has always placed concern for practical objects, well thought out and made to last, at the center of its concerns.
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